Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- A Rochester woman has been sentenced for stealing over $400,000 from a local church. 

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Last month, 64-year-old Patricia Radich pleaded guilty to an amended criminal complaint containing 8 felony counts of theft by swindle. Court records say a financial audit, ordered by the church found "checks totaling $422,925.90 that were made out to Radich going back to 2013." 

An Olmsted County Judge on Monday signed off on the sentence agreed to in the plea deal, which calls for a stayed prison sentence, 90 days in jail, and more than $250,000 restitution. The sentence is a downward departure from state sentencing guidelines that was recommended by the cases’ prosecutor.

photo courtesy Kraus-Anderson
photo courtesy Kraus-Anderson

Court records indicate Radich was a CPA and served as the volunteer treasurer for the church for 12 years. The theft of church funds was discovered after the church launched a major fundraiser in 2015 to cover the cost of remodeling projects and went to pay off all of the associated loans in 2020. 


The criminal complaint stated that Radich "admitted taking the $183,189.03 over a four-year period. The charges say she admitted to the pastor that  she had a "gambling addiction" and spent the money at casinos. 

A law enforcement investigation also found "a large amount of funds that were withdrawn electronically and/or at ATMs at casinos." The complaint highlighted a single day during which Radich withdrew $10,500 at a casino, along with several days when Radich made cash withdrawals at casinos for amounts between $7,000 and $8,000.

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