UNDATED (WJON News) -- A new book explores some of the oldest locations around the Twin Cities Metro area.

"Oldest Twin Cities: A Guide to Historic Treasures" is by author Julie Jo Severson.

One of the chapters in the book looks at the oldest bar in downtown Minneapolis.

Of course, that's Gluek's. That's really a legend in downtown Minneapolis, the oldest bar. It's got lots of quirky history there.

Gluek's was built by Gluek Brewing Company in 1902. It reopened after prohibition in 1934 under a different name, but it has been called Gluek's again since 1979.

Other Minneapolis features in the book include:
the Oldest Family Steakhouse which is Jax Bar and Cafe
the Oldest Street which is Main Street Southeast
the Oldest Cemetery which is the Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery.

St Paul: 
Some of the featured locations in St. Paul include:
the Oldest State Building which is the Round Tower at Historic Fort Snelling dating back to 1820
the Coldest State Fair Ride which is Ye Old Mill from 1915
the Oldest Neighborhood which is Irvine Park from 1849.

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One chapter in the book looks at the oldest suburb.

That's Richfield. We have 100 suburbs but they claim to be the oldest. That's because their boundaries which have been diminished used to include Camp Coldwater near Fort Snelling.

Other features from the suburbs included in the book:
the Oldest Magic Shop which is Eagle Magic Store in Burnsville which opened in 1899
the Oldest Music Store which is Groth Music in Bloomington which opened in 1939
the Oldest Hotel the Historic Anderson Hotel in Wabasha which opened in 1856.


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