From placing your order at a drive-thru window until the food hits your hands, how long does it typically take to sit in, say, a McDonald's drive-thru? Wonder no more! A new report from QSR Magazine has determined how long on average it takes to sit in popular fast-food drive-thrus.

First of all, QSR goes super in detail about how they determined how long it takes to get through each of these drive-thrus. If you're interested in that, check it out HERE.

Both the slowest drive-thru and fastest drive-thru are right here in Southern Minnesota. Maybe we should do our own study to see if this list actually holds up? Anyway, here are the drive-thrus that were part of the study from fastest to slowest from Bring Me the News.

1. Dunkin'  - 216.75 seconds
2. Wendy's - 230.38 seconds
3. Burger King - 235.48 seconds
4. Taco Bell - 240.38 seconds
5. Carl's Jr. - 240.51 seconds
6. KFC - 243.73 seconds
7. Arby's - 263.46 seconds
5. Hardee's - 266.34 seconds
9. McDonald's - 284.05 seconds
10. Chick-fil-A - 322.98 seconds


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