Last week was Homecoming week for a lot of area schools, Faribault, Owatonna, and Rochester Mayo just to name a few. It was also Homecoming week for Rockford High School located near St. Cloud, and the student body went on to elect their king someone that has had a tough go of things lately. The student body elected Jack Bryngelson, who found out that he has an aggressive form of bone cancer. 

Jack's story came to my attention on Saturday night while I was watching KMSP-TV's 9 o'clock news. According to the news piece, Jack has a tumor removed from his back over the summer. The tumor that was removed soon gave Jack the bad news. Doctors informed Jack that the growth was "an aggressive form of cancer known scientifically as chondrosarcoma".

According to Johns Hopkins "Chondrosarcoma is the second most common type of primary bone cancer."  That means that cancer starts from bone rather than starting in another organ and then spreading to the bone." It's also rare in someone Jack's age as Johns Hopkins states that this "type of cancer rarely affects individuals under age 20."

Fox 9's Paul Blume went on to add in the story that besides being elected as the homecoming king, Jack's classmates went on to wish him a happy 18th birthday at a recent volleyball game.

The full report is below if you want to watch the whole piece.

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