Dennis Luebbe, Rice County Highway Engineer received unanimous approval from the Board of Commissioners today for over two million dollars worth of contracts.

In addition commissioners approved a resolution requesting the state legislature fund a feasibility study for an I-35 interchange at Rice County Road 9.  The resolution was requested by State Senator John Jasinski because he's trying to get the project on the Minnesota Department of Transportation radar.

The contract for the bituminous overlay program was awarded.  Luebbe reported to commissioners, "I think we have about 12 miles of roadway that I think we're going to put about a two inch overlay on.  We had bids opened last Thursday.  Two bidders with the low bid being from Crane Creek Asphalt in the amount of $1,560,760.41.  It's lower than our estimate but it's a little higher than what we had programmed into our budget.  The good news is the previous contract came in lower than what was budgeted for this year so we're right on track with our overall budget."

There were 14 bids received for the centerline culvert repairs and replacements contract. R.A.W. Construction of Faribault was awarded the contract with a bid of $527,265.25.

Luebbe explained, "I think this is our sixth year now we've awarded the centerline repairs and replacement contracts in advance of our future pavement overlay program.

Commissioner Jim Purfeerst asked Luebbe, "Do you guys get ahold of the landowners that might have tile lines on one side trying to pick them up on the other side to allow them to put a pipe underneath your culvert work?"

Luebbe replied, "That's a great question Commissioner.  In the past years we've been approached by landowners when they've seen us out there.  I apologize I don't think we reach out to every property owner or both property owners at all locations where we've identified pipes that we are gong to replace or repair.  That is something we could certainly add to this project development process."

Purfeerst responded, " I would strongly encourage you to make that part of the process." Commissioner Jeff Docken agreed, "I think that's a good idea.  It would be a great benefit for everybody involved."

The landowner would pay for their portion of the laying of tieline.  Luebbe says, "It is the landowners cost. There is a statute that requires the county board to facilitate tilelines when we're  reconstructing but these are not  reconstructions.  These are just drainage repairs and replacements so those costs would fall to the individual landowner or landowners."

Commissioners also unanimously approved a Joint Powers A.greement with Dakota County concerning a shared road.  Dakota County Road 96 turns into Rice County Road 101 at the county border.

Luebbe says, "It's a half a mile gravel road in Rice County about 4 miles north of trunk highway 19.   They're leading the project.  This agreement  spells out each agency's responsibilities."

The existing road will be widened and paved to a 10 ton standard.

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