Thinking about going somewhere in the early Spring to get away from the cold temperatures that we get here in the great state of Minnesota is what most people want to do.  Granted, with the fact that you need to have a negative COVID test 3-5 days before entering the United States has put somewhat of a damper on any international travel, but you may want to get to Florida, Arizona, Southern Texas, or whatever warm-ish place is available.  If you plan to do so, you better adhere to the federal mask mandate aboard planes, trains and busses.  Granted, most people have been doing that, but now that it is federally mandated, the fines could be pretty extensive.

Delta Airlines Highlights Its Covid Safety Measures At National Airport
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The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday that it will recommend fines ranging from $250 to $1,500 for people who do not abide by the new transportation mask order issued by President Joe Biden on his second day in office.

Before this, the airlines, and other interstate travel modes had implemented their own mask mandates.  But it has only been federally mandated since President Biden made the executive order.  This brings along some stiffer penalties.

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The order requires travelers to wear a mask while inside an airport, on the plane, and while in train and bus terminals and while traveling using any public transportation which includes city busses.

The higher fines, closer to that $1500 mark would mostly happen if you were a repeat offender.  So here's the deal, you may not like it, but it's something that you'll need to do if you want to travel by that mode. If you want to avoid that, drive yourself.

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