Minnesota State Representative Brian Daniels of Faribault says after the current COVID-19 pandemic is over changes need to be made concerning emergency power granted to the Governor.

Daniels told KDHL the powers should have a limited time for the Governor to be able to make decisions without consultation with state lawmakers.

Daniels says, "We (state legislators) have no voice.  He's (Governor) bypassing 201 elected members of the State Legislature."

The latest action by Governor Walz that has drawn the ire of the Faribault Republican was the announcement last week after the legislature declined the Governor's request for $35 million dollars to create a fund to assist with law enforcement during upcoming trials in the George Floyd case.

Daniels says, "We all want to make sure that we don't see a repeat of the chaos and riots from this past summer, but the reality is that $35 million is not going to magically solve the underlying problems that have fueled concerns about lack of support from responding agencies because of anti-police sentiment and the Minneapolis City Council's push to reduce the number of sworn officers."

Daniels says the Minneapolis Police Department, "Remains significantly understaffed.  Right now, Minneapolis is authorized to have 888 officers, but the latest numbers from January show that the department is down to 770, with more than 150 officers on leave. This is a huge reason why Minneapolis may be ill-equipped during the upcoming trial is their refusal to responsibly fund and staff their police department."

The Faribault State Representative concluded, "This bill would have put the rest of Minnesota on the hook for their (Minneapolis City Council) bad decisions,"

Governor Walz imposed his executive powers to bring in the National Guard for the anticipated potential for civil unrest when the trial for the officers involved in the George Floyd case begins next month.

Daniels says, "Minnesota State Statute 12.21 concerning the Governor's emergency powers is very vague."

You can read the statute here.

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