The USDA has announced that the deadline for this general Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) signup which was February 12, 2121 has been extended. The new deadline for signup has not yet been announced. Before the unannounced deadline landowners will have the opportunity to adjust or resubmit their offers so they can take advantage of the planned improvements in the program.

"USDA will continue to accept offers as it takes this opportunity for the incoming Administration to evaluate ways to increase enrollment. Under the previous Administration, incentives and rental payment rates were reduced resulting in an enrollment shortfall of over 4 million acres."

Landowners work with their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices and the CRP provides rent payments for land enrolled for10 to 15 years. One advantage of this general CRP extension is now land that has contracts expiring September 30, 2021 will be eligible to be re-enrolled in the CRP. So, if you have environmentally sensitive land you are interested in maybe enrolling on the CRP begin by contacting your local FSA office at the USDA Service Center.

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