Rice County Attorney John Fossum was scheduled to be on AM Minnesota today at 9:30AM.

He came in and was under the weather so we rescheduled the show for next Thursday, January 19.

December 23, 2016, Barb Larson's ex-husband went to the Faribault Chamber and took her life and then his own, and the police reported she had a harassment restraining order served on him earlier in the week. Another option would be a court order for protection.

Fossum will educate us on the differences between the two.

We will probably also touch on yesterday's sentencing of a 42-year-old Faribault man in the murder of an Ohio woman in August 2015. The criminal complaint in that case told of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Chelsea Martinez.

The Ohio woman met Jason Nisbit on a website called "The Experience Project." Martinez allegedly asked Nisbit to kill her.

After driving to Faribault she met with Nisbit at a local motel, where they talked about how she would be killed. The two drove to Shager Park separately and then walked across Highway 60 and went to a wooded area Nisbit was familiar with. He told authorities he chose the area because it was near water in case he had to wash anything off.

I won't go over the gruesome way the Faribault man admitted to killing Martinez.

If there was ever a case of premeditated intentional murder this was it, so I asked Fossum why they would have a plea deal in the case.

Fossum said the family lived in Ohio and would have had to come to Minnesota for a multiple-day trial while this way they could come in one day and everything completed.

Fossum noted the earliest Nisbit could be out of prison would be when he is 67 years old with time off for good behavior.

Judge John Cajacob sentenced him to 42 years in prison as part of a plea deal whereby a first-degree premeditated murder charge was dropped and he pled guilty to second-degree non-premeditated intentional murder. It was the maximum sentence he could receive.

Rice County Courthouse Faribault, Mn.
Rice County Courthouse Faribault, Mn.

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