It appears the drop boxes at the Rice County Government Services Building in Faribault are going the way of the dinosaur.

Several county residents spoke to their useage for election ballots before commissioners addressed the issue during their Committee of the Whole/Work Session.

A handful of people voiced concern about election integrity. Bri Degrood told commissioners she knew the state allowed their usage for absentee ballots but...

Samantha DeGroot of Faribault was concerned about the message sent to youth pointing out her daughter is a recent high school graduate eligible to vote this fall.

It was explained by County officials the drop boxes were placed on the south and north side of the Government Services Building when COVID did not allow people to enter the building so they could pay their taxes and conduct other business with the county.

Signage at the box did say not to place absentee ballots in them, but as commissioners and county employees stated, "people don't read the signs."

Commissioner Jeff Docken says now the building is fully open so the drop boxes should be eliminated...

Commissioner Jim Purfeerst agreed...

Other members of the County Board seemed to agree with the elimination of the drop boxes initially put into place for resident payment convenience.

An official vote on the matter will be placed on next week's County Board meeting agenda.

Commissioners also heard recommendations about Couty Park improvements including getting a regional designation for the Cannon River Wilderness Park in Cannon City.

Some good advice.

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