Julie Runkel, Rice County Enviromental Services Director, gave an overview to County Commissioners today about the landfill fire May 22, 2023 that forced the closure of the facility to the public for just over a week.

A public meeting is being held at 6:00 p.m. today, (June 13, 2023) in the Commissioner's room at the Rice County Government Services Building in Faribault.

Runkel told Commissioners the meeting will include a presentation by county Environmental Services staff and there will be time for residents to ask questions.

Runkel said they did to air quality monitoring but pointed out it was not a requirement by the state.

The Rice County Environment Services Director said a cause has not been determined

Runkel thanked the Sheriff's Office and Street Department for their response and added there is still more work to be done.

Steve Underdahl, Board Chair, shared he visited the site a few days after it happened.

Runkel told Commissioners the air quality readings were not unhealthy for the area and the information will be shared during the public meeting this evening.

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