Santa might not need to leave a plow for you under the tree this year, but a shovel might come in handy. Right now The Weather Channel is predicting snow to fall right after Christmas here in Southern Minnesota, and it will be just enough to cause anyone commuting headaches. So how much snow will we get, and when will we possibly see it?

Starting Christmas evening we've got a 30% chance at seeing some snowflakes here in Southern Minnesota, and that percentage of snow number only goes up from there. On the day after Christmas, December 26, The Weather Channel is calling for about an inch to fall during the day, and another one to three inches to fall overnight into Monday morning.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Monday, the 27th, is calling for "scattered snow showers during the morning. Then partly to mostly cloudy for the afternoon." Less than an inch will fall on Monday at least that is what the forecast is calling for right now.

In total portions of Southern Minnesota could see 3-5" of fresh snow right after Christmas, a little too late to give many in the area a white Christmas.

The National Weather Service, NOAA, is not putting any amounts on potential snowfall at this time, but they have a track record of waiting to put out amounts until 36-48 hours before the event is predicted to take place.

Paul Shea
Image Credit: NOAA.GOV

NOAA's forecast for that same date range, the night of Christmas through Monday calls for mostly cloudy skies Christmas night, and then a 40% chance of snow Sunday day and night, and then a 20% chance of snow Monday with a 30% chance of snow for Tuesday.

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