It wasn't your imagination, April really was that cloud and cold. The National Weather Service shared those details today on its social media page. Just how below normal we were in April will make you believe that it wasn't just your imagination after all.

Drumroll, please 
The April climate stats are in! .....and they are as gross as that worm you stepped on earlier.
On the bright side, we are nearly free of drought conditions in Minnesota and Wisconsin! As of April 26th, all that remains are a few pockets of abnormally dry conditions (view current drought monitor here: ).
To see how drought conditions changed over the course of April, check out the drought monitor comparison slider at this link (changing area and date accordingly):
With the drought being almost over, at least from what we have collected so far, that's good news for farmers as they begin their yearly trek back out into the fields to start planting over the next few weeks.

In other weather-related news it also was pretty cloudy during the month of April, check out just how little we saw the sun on average during the month of April!

We've noticed a few comments regarding the lack of sun this past April, so we decided to investigate
Here is a model estimate of daily sunlight for 2022 compared to the maximum possible output. As you can see, April was indeed fairly low in terms of solar radiation. Don't fret, the sun will indeed come out tomorrow!
This plot can be found here: (utilizing autoplot #38)
The good news is that the National Weather Service wrote we should see some sun tomorrow afternoon, and to go along with that sunshine we should see warmer temps with highs expected to be in the mid-50s.

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