How did anyone convince us to spend so much money on Poo-Pourri? I mean, yeah, it works, but at $10 for two ounces, it ought to keep your toilet clean and get men to sit down every time, too.

You could make your own, that'd be pretty cost-effective and you just need to buy the ingredients and mix it every time you run out. According to MoneyTalksNews, there are three more where this one came from.

Fabulous Farm Girl‘s recipe calls for water, rubbing alcohol (or vodka), vegetable glycerine (or castile soap), bergamot essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, lemongrass essential oil and blue food coloring (optional).

But, if you want to keep the room smelling fresh and pretty, just buy a can of Glade Aerosol for .99 cents. Then, use it just like Poo-Pourri. They have a million scents, and they're all less about $1 for 8 ounces. HUGE savings.

James Rabe
James Rabe

Obviously, doesn't work as a portable. Tho, I've seen some bags that could hold 'em...

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