Last week Tuesday and Wednesday some farmers were able to begin harvesting soybeans. The rain that began Wednesday and light snow Saturday halted harvest for a while. Fortunately the rain only amounted to only a few tenths of an inch and the snow melted shortly after it fell. Looking at the forecast maybe we will get back at the soybean harvest early next week. It will be cool with a lot of clouds but at least very little rain and no snow!

The early soybean yields I have been hearing so far have been pretty good given the weather during the growing season. I heard of a field at 40 bushel an acre and another of 62. Many agronomists and seed dealers I have talked to are saying soybean yields are so far are in the "50 to 60" bushel an acre range. However, the beans that were ready now were planted by early to the middle of May.

There were a lot of beans that were planted in June and even late June. It is hard to believe that they will yield the same as the beans that were planted in the normal time of early May.