You've probably seen the meme that reads "Well, That Escalated Quickly"... That's the perfect meme for this story.

Two-Story Dairy Queen The First To Open In Manhattan
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The manager, 22-year-old Jesse James Montgomery, was forced to close early on the night of July 6th because he was short-staffed. It was about a half-hour later when a 50-year-old man pulled up to order ice cream...It's not exactly clear what happened next, but words were exchanged, and Montgomery said the man was rude.

Then things escalated... quickly!

According to the Post Bulletin, "an employee at the restaurant told police that he witnessed his boss (Montgomery) jump through the drive-thru window but didn't see or hear anything else."

That's when the alleged mooning happened.

Montgomery has been charged with indecent exposure and faces up to a year in prison, a $3,000 fine or possibly both.

1: Mooning people is still a thing?!?

2: A year in Prison for Mooning.. Holy Cow!

Speaking of Ice Cream - Have you seen the story circulating online that says Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches don't melt? We decided to test that to see if there was any truth to it:

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