Josh Turner has scored more than a dozen hit singles, including the pensive "Long Black Train," the uptempo "Why Don't We Just Dance" and his recent feel-good No. 1 hit "Hometown Girl." Turner chooses to record a wide variety of songs, both to release as singles and to be included on his albums, but the South Carolina native says there is one style that is his personal favorite.

"Country music is built on story songs, and I love story songs. But as a performer, I’ve always kind of preferred the songs that are a little more lively and a little easier to remember," Turner shared with The Boot and other media members at a recent event. "There’s a lot of story songs out there that, they get a little wordy to me, especially when they start putting different words in the chorus every time. That’s a lot to remember, and it’s hard for the crowd to sing along with that too. I love a good story song; I’ve recorded a lot of them. But if I’m going to have a story song, it’s going to be something like "Hometown Girl.""

Turner's current single, "All About You," is the third single from his most recent album, Deep South. Written by hit songwriters Craig Wiseman and Justin Weaver, Turner gravitated toward the tune at least in part because of how much fun it is to sing live.

""All About You," the version on my record anyway, is the song that just jumped right out and just grabbed me by the throat and slaps you around a little bit," explains Turner. "It’s pretty high energy and pretty vicious when it comes to the funk factor. It’s a fun song to sing. The crowds love it.

"When I first heard it, I felt like it was a good, kind-of modern, hillbilly kind of song that would be great as a followup to "Hometown Girl," because "Hometown Girl" was mellow and laid back and telling a story," Turner adds. ""All About You," it has that same sentiment, but musically, it’s very high energy and is just fun to sing."

Deep South is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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