This is a special sandwich that was served in the Goodhue County Pork Producers food building at the Goodhue County Fair. It is called the Big Oink. It is pork riblets, a pork chop, shredded pork, ham and cheese all on just one bun! Now that is a lot of pork in just one sandwich. If you ordered it on the right day you could also get bacon on it. For $15 you could get the Big Oink and a Goodhue County Pork Producers t-shirt.

In the picture is "Ma Hovel" as all the 4-H members called Nancy Hovel. Nancy organized the Pork Stand at the Goodhue County Fair along with a lot of help from Pork Producers, Goodhue County Bankers Association and other volunteers. As Nancy said, "you do not have to be a Pork Producer to work in the Pork food building, you just have to know one!"

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