If you pull into a campsite and you have a generator in tow -- than what follows is definitely not for you.

Because for us 'real' campers, that generator noise pollution is not only not wanted, but it can actually ruin a camping trip. That's because 'real camper's go camping for entirely different reasons, and it's certainly not to have this loud, constant noise over-powering the sound of nature (or even just slightly distracting from it).

This 'true camping' involves things like:

  • Learning to get by with what you can pack in a car
  • Cooking everything on an open fire
  • Spending time with family without technological distractions
  • Exploring nature and seeing what you've never seen before
  • Leaving the everyday world behind
  • And actually doing this thing called relaxing.
Photo by: David Black
Photo by: David Black


Some campers might even say that real camping is what you can bring in yourself without using any type of motor vehicle.

Photo: David Black
Photo: David Black


My family and I lived in Colorado for almost a decade. We did a lot of camping there and fell in love with it. Sitting under the stars, in the mountains, with a campfire going, is one of the best, most relaxing things in the world.

Photo: David Black
Photo: David Black

So when we moved back to Minnesota, I wanted to check out what kind of camping was available. I've always known there is a lot, but my wife and I were much younger then and hadn't really discovered it.

Here are some places I found that I have put on my list of places to check out. Maybe it's something to add to your list.

  • Split Rock
  • Williams O'Brien State Park
  • Jay Cooke State Park
  • Itasca State Park
  • Bear Head State Park
  • George Crosby Manitou State Park
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