Kristy Meyer the Communications Manager for the National FFA was my guest on today's AM Minnesota Program. It was last June I was talking with Kristy when the National FFA Board of Trusties announced the National FFA Convention in October would be virtual. I was not at all surprised as it is the largest youth convention in the United States. Last year more than 70,000 FFA members and guests were at the National FFA Convention.

There has been and still needs to be a lot of planning to pull off a virtual event like the National FFA Convention. There will be National FFA officers announced along with all the typical awards and leadership workshops. Even the Expo or Career Fair with all the business and colleges will be set up virtually to talk with FFA  members from all over the United States. It will not be the same as actually being at the National FFA Convention with all those blue jackets!

But it is still much better than cancelling completely! Click on the links and listen to Kristy talk about the virtual National FFA Convention.

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