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This Labor Day is going to be a little bittersweet for some people. It celebrates the hard work American workers do every day but many Americans are unemployed this Labor Day. So Minnesota company, Red Wing Shoe Company, wants to do something a little different to help out. They are turning al of their stores across the country into job centers for Labor Day.

WCCO says that they have over 525 locations around the country. Each one of them will, instead of posting deals and sales on their shoes, they will post job openings to help people who are unemployed to find a job. They are also going to turn their customer service phone line into a job search hotline for Labor Day. The phone number is 800-RED-WING.

The Cheif Marketing Officer for Red Wing Shoe Company, Dave Schneider, spoke with WCCO and said “'Red Wing knows that by shining the light on even just one job, this could be the first step in an opportunity for someone to find work and support their family.'"

Red Wing Shoe Company is also asking other businesses to help unemployed people find work this Labor Day, too. We will see if others also take on the challenge! The hashtag that Red Wing is using to promote their plans for Labor Day is #LaborDayOn. As they say on their website, "instead of taking a day off, we're taking #LaborDayOn, forgoing discounts and sales to promote jobs."

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