I know that people have multiple pet peeves.  Some of them seem very important to most people and others only seem important to the person who has that pet peeve.  This particular pet peeve of mine seems to be a common peeve of several people.  I have seen posts on this on social media, and I am very much in agreement.

And I witnessed it yesterday as I had to stop to fill my empty gas tank.

The common thing with a lot of people since the pandemic is "me first".  People have gotten very cranky and seem to have an attitude of "me first" and "I am the only person who matters". No matter what the situation is.

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In this case, as I stopped to fill my tank with gas and I had a hard time finding an empty gas pump.  The Kwik Trip where I stopped was extremely busy.  Obviously no one can predict that happening, but if it is busy, don't do this. Meaning, don't just leave your car there at the pump while you do your shopping.  Move your car into a parking space or along the side if they are all full.  This particular Kwik Trip is a truck stop, and there is ample parking.

There were people waiting for pumps to clear.  As I'm filling the tank, I see that at least 4 vehicles are empty.  I thought maybe they had gone in to "pre-pay" as this is what you have to do there, or pay at the pump.  But no, that was not the case.  They had already pumped their gas, payed at the pump, and went in to buy snacks, coffee, lottery tickets, whatever.  And left their car at the pump while it was super busy.  That is just rude, in my opinion.  If the station isn't that busy, it's not as big of a deal, but if it is, pay attention and be considerate of other people.  It just seems like common courtesy. Although "common courtesy" doesn't seem to exist much as of late.

Simple solution - just think of other people, not just yourself.

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