I've seen, I've used, I've laughed at this meme several times, and now I'm in shock after watching the original video of the incident that gave birth to this famous meme.

The image of what appears to be an angry or "triggered" young woman at what seems to be a rally has reached every part of the internet, I see her face at least once a week somewhere in social media comments or various Reddit threads, but it turns out, this woman was actually very calm and seems like a very nice person, nothing like what you would think after seeing this image for years.

The group in the video is clearly having a very serious discussion about some sensitive topics, but in general, everyone is pretty chill and having what I would say is a healthy, adult conversation, but someone took a screenshot at just the right moment and got this look and turned it into a meme.

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I'll point out that this meme is generally used by conservative individuals or groups aimed at liberal individuals and groups, but not exclusively, the meme works in many situations, but I may have to retire from using it now that I've seen the reality of the situation.


To be honest, I had a difficult time finding the exact moment watching it in real-time, watch it once and see if you can guess the second it happens. If you guessed 28 seconds, you're correct. Pause the video at 28 seconds and use the < or > key to advance the video frame by frame to find the exact moment, it took me a couple of tries to find it.

Remember when Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl and it wasn't the amazing show she did that everyone was talking about, it was the still photos taken while she was dancing and the goofy facial expressions that she made for just a brief second that everyone was talking about and sharing the next day. Beyonce is ridiculously rich and powerful, so it was easy for her to make those photos disappear, but not so much for this girl.

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According to KnowYourMeme.com, the 'Triggered Feminist' or 'Ficki Fiona' meme originated from a video posted on The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube in 2016, which has since had all its videos removed from the platform, but copies of the original remain. The meme worked its way through /r/The_Donald, 4chan's /pol/ board, PewDiePie used it in 2017 in a YouTube video and Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a meme using the image in 2019, so in its early days it was mainly used for political purposes, but it has grown into so much more over the years, but it turns out the whole thing is a lie.

Here is the original video, and below it is the extended version of the incident.

Here is an even longer version of the video for more reference:

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