If you don't have any plans for this long Labor Day weekend, maybe start to think about heading outdoors late Saturday night or early Sunday morning as there is a pretty good chance you will be able to see the Northern Lights. According to M Live "The University of Alaska - Fairbanks issues a forecast" and on September 1, Sunday they are calling for "high auroral activity."

Both Saturday night and Sunday night, as it's hard to pinpoint when you might see them, are calling for partly cloudy skies, and there won't be much of a moon in the sky as the moon will be in the new moon phase.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has a Geophysical Institute that forecasts the viewing area of the lights, and it's our best shot to see them. It looks like Owatonna might be the cut-off point.

Image Credit: UAF Geophysical Institute

Rather than risk not spotting the lights, take a trip north to the Duluth or St. Cloud area for better viewing, as the lights will be stronger the further north you go.

There is also a chance on Labor Day of seeing the lights in extreme northern Minnesota, but the electromagnetic forecast from NOAA places the Kp at 4, or below a strong possibility of seeing the lights. It's not as exact as weather forecasting...because that's ALWAYS right...it does give us the days the lights can appear.

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