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The Minnesota State Patrol recently shared what they call a 'disturbing' statistic. It has to do with the number of traffic fatalities that are due to speeding so far in 2021. Sadly, the number is higher than it was this time last year.

They shared this stat on their Facebook page saying that 38% of traffic fatalities so far this year is due to speeding. They call this stat 'disturbing' in the Facebook post. They also go on to say that so far there are a total of 32 traffic fatalities in 2021. The 38% means that 12 out of those 32 fatalities are because of speeding.

That's a sad statistic, especially when it was caused by something preventable. They also mention in their Facebook post that this time last year 9 traffic fatalities were due to speeding. So the number has gone up.

The Minnesota State Patrol used this statistic to remind us all that we should "slow down and drive smart". Speeding is avoidable. Follow the speed limits, no tailgating, and pay attention to the road while you're driving.

Also in their Facebook post, they shared the story of one of these traffic fatalities due to speeding that happened earlier this year. You can read that below.

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