Well, this is something you don't hear about everyday. A Minnesota man has been arrested for DWI due to an incident that happened around three in the morning Wednesday (February 22nd).

It all happened in the Chaska area, which is a few hours from the Twin Ports. The Chaska Police Department shared a brief look into the situation on their social media channels a few hours after it happened.

According to their series of tweets, the incident happened in the early morning or late evening hours, depending on how you look at it. The night shift arrested a man for DWI because he was "operating a Bobcat drunk" while he was plowing snow.

The name of the man wasn't given but we do know he is thirty-eight years old. He was on a commercial lot and the craziest part is what other people on site saw prior to the cops showing up: the man drinking tequila from the bottle.

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The Chaska Police Department says that the man had the bottle hidden in his backpack and was drinking it on site before the incident. It is no surprise that he did not pass a field sobriety test. Welp, this just simply isn't smart.

The Chaska Police Department often share tidbits of strange things that happen in the area. One time, they shared a hilarious story about a criminal who left his I.D. behind at the scene of a crime, basically solving the case for himself.

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