There have been some weird crimes making headlines lately but this one might be the absolute weirdest. I guess our long Minnesota winters really have made us lose it a little bit.

One example of a weird story comes from Wisconsin. Let's just say a town named Spread Eagle is hiring and residents - and Minnesotans - have been going crazy, cracking jokes left and right.

Another recent headline comes courtesy of Minnesota. A fight broke out at a carnival in Blaine, Minnesota. This all went down in May after a fight near the ferris wheel, which caused a stampede of people to enter the mall it was located at.

Like I said, I think our long Minnesota winter really got to people and now that summer is here, we feel like we can finally be outside and let loose. This story is a great example of that, for better or for worse.

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According to WCCO, a man was busted by police after he was caught sunbathing on top of an elementary school. Yes, you read that right. The man was tanning in the sun on top of an elementary school full of kids.

This happened in Savage, Minnesota, which is a hike from the Twin Ports. The Savage Police Department says that a "suspicious subject" was seen on the roof there and it ended up being the man in question.

This happened at Redtail Ridge Elementary School. It was staff at the school that first noticed the man and not knowing what he was up to, called police. That is pretty scary to have a random person on top of the school roof so I get it.

It seems that the man was just trying to get some Vitamin D. According to the report, he told police he was trying to relax and that's why he was on top of the roof. He was given a citation for trespassing.

He also happened to be reading a book, which means that he meant no harm. However, I feel like the roof of an elementary school is not the most relaxing place in the world to try and chill out.

Bring Me The News also reported on the story, reporting that this all happened around 1:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Friday, May 27th. The school had to issue a "shelter-in-place" which lasted about thirty minutes. Due to recent events, this would be immensely scary for students and staff.

Next time you want to read a book, try doing it on your porch sir. He was, of course, escorted of the property.

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