This could have ended worse if it wasn't for the quick thinking of another person. A Minnesota man was arrested this week after driving to his local Arby's and passing out after ordering food. Thanks to the quick thinking of another person the vehicle was placed in park. Chaska Police posted to social media about the incident.

- Boone’s Farm + an attempt at curly fries -
Yesterday around 1:00pm, officers responded to the Arby’s drive-thru for the report of an unresponsive driver. Officers arrived and found a 43-year-old man unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle. He was the only occupant. Officers learned the man was extremely drunk and had fell asleep just after ordering his food. Luckily, an observant patron noticed this and was able to open the driver’s door and shift the vehicle into park, likely preventing damage to property and injury to others.
The man was too drunk to perform the standardized field sobriety tests, so officers executed a search warrant to obtain a sample of his blood. During the process, the man admitted to drinking Boone’s Farm earlier.
Becoming extremely drunk and then driving to get curly fries is an incredibly selfish decision. Thankfully the man was not driving at higher speeds on the city streets or highways at the time he fell asleep.
He’ll be charged accordingly.
To be honest, with all the options for food delivery now, this guy should have bitten the bullet, and made the decision to DoorDash rather than drive drunk.
The incident happened on Friday afternoon in Chaska but was published on the Chaska Police Department's Facebook page early Saturday morning.
Here is a reminder, plan a sober ride, and don't drive drunk on Minnesota roads.

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