Baseball is full of odd stories and superstitions. One could say to play baseball you have to be a little superstitious of some things. Maybe it's eating the same meal before each game after you hit a home run, it could be a lucky undershirt or socks, or maybe it could be as simple as an unremarkable BIC pen. Terry Ryan, former Minnesota Twins General Manager had that unremarkable BIC pen, but it was remarkable to him for reasons I will share in just a moment, and while he was attending at Chaska Cubs game, he dropped that pen under the bleachers and nearly cried.

That unremarkable-looking BIC pen was the pen Terry Ryan used to sign Joe Mauer to his rookie contract in 2001. That pen was used to ink, in what could be the greatest catcher to ever play baseball, and Terry Ryan knows that, and to him, that made that pen even more special.

Well, the Chaska Cubs memorialized that spot where Terry Ryan dropped that BIC pen under their bleachers. The plaque reads:

This is the spot that Twins General Manager Terry Ryan accidentally dropped his treasured Bic pen between two planks of grandstand. It was the pen that Terry had used to sign Joe Mauer to his rookie contract in 2001. After several innings, Twins Super scout, Dennis Boe, from Redwood Falls, noticed a despondent Terry Ryan. Dennis Immediately went to his truck in the parking lot and came back with the proper tools to remove the planks and rescue the pen. It brought a huge smile from Terry Ryan and former Mayor of Chaska Bob Roepke.

Imagine to yourself a sad Terry Ryan looking down between his feet in the grandstand, wondering why in the world did he take out the 'Mauer' BIC to use at a Chaska Cubs game. Then like a child who lost his scoop of ice cream from his cone from licking too hard, the pen is returned and everything is right once again in Terry Ryan's world.

That my friends are one of the main reasons I love baseball, stories like that are told when the game at hand isn't great or going slow and by the end of the story, the inning is half over.

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