Operation Dry Water is a national campaign aimed at deterring drinking and boating. So far this year Minnesota has recorded nine boating fatalities, which translates it into being the most deadly since 2005. In 2016 alcohol was a factor in nine of the 17 deadly boating accidents.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is teaming up with county sheriff's offices and others statewide in increasing patrols for intoxicated boaters through this Sunday, July 2.

A blood-alcohol level of .08 while operating a boat is against the law. The legal limit for operating a boat is the same as a motor vehicle.

Other safety tips to follow when boating besides not drinking alcohol include the use of life jackets. Ninety percent of drowning victims in Minnesota were not wearing a life jacket. That's an amazingly high percentage. The Minnesota DNR points out that it's often an intoxicated boat operator that puts the person or people in the water in the first place. Boating safety classes can prove beneficial as well. Statistics show 77 percent of deaths occurred on boats operated by drivers who had not received boating safety instruction.

Enjoy your holiday but be aware that you may be watched, boaters.

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