Rice County Attorney John Fossum stops by our KDHL AM Minnesota program today to talk about the law. May is National Law Month.

I thought we might get educated on what the County Attorney's Office does. You are probably aware of the prosecution of crimes, but there are other duties they conduct.

I want to get John's take about a recent case that is believed to be unprecedented. A federal jury awarded a Twin Cities woman nearly $1 million in her civil lawsuit against a Minnesota man she said sexually assaulted her when she was 14 and living in Laos.

The jury's verdict is believed to be unprecedented in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis because it holds the man accountable for violating child sex trafficking laws and he was never charged criminally.

Panyia Vang, now 24, moved to the Twin Cities with her family after she became pregnant with the man's child. He's accused in court documents of threatening to keep Vang from seeing their child unless she submitted to his sexual demands.

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Rice County Courthouse
Rice County Courthouse

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