Greg Thomas gained lots of recognition on TV and online for his work in restoring the 150-year-old Budejovice Church/St. John's Chapel near Montgomery. He did the work while fighting Stage 4 head and neck cancer. He considered it a miracle when the cancer went away.

According to KARE11-TV, the cancer has come back. It's now in his voice box and has gone to the lymph nodes. And this time there are no good treatment options. Thomas is still remaining upbeat. He says it has not weakened him at all. Surgery is an option but it will be disfiguring and the chances of success are low. He has decided to pass on treatment.

The doctor told Thomas the cancer is fast moving, but he hopes to still realize his goal of preaching in the church he restored. He is in the first year of a two-year program at New Day Church in New Prague aimed at becoming a pastor.

In addition to preaching, he would like to be around to restore the windows and somehow get electrical service into the church.

Thomas believes that God is not finished with him yet. But if God takes him, he's a winner either way.

You can check out Greg Thomas' story here.



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