The Tri-City United School Board last night voted to bring all of the remaining students in grades 7-12 back into the classroom after resuming hybrid learning in January. In an email to district parents, Superintendent Lonnie Seifert stated that "This plan brings all our PreK-12 grade students in our buildings for the first time in eleven months, which is exciting to consider."

All students in the Tri-City United District will begin going back into the classrooms for full in-person learning on Tuesday, February 16th. The email to parents indicated that with in-classroom learning slated to begin on Tuesday, Friday would be an off day for students as teachers and staff can "make final plans" and arrangements to bring students back.

It was also noted by Superintendent Seifert that parents still have the option to keep their child home and to continue with full-time distance learning should they choose.

The email to parents ended with this note from Seifert, "We are asking all students to follow the guidelines of masking, social distancing, and washing their hands frequently to keep us in this model. Parents are encouraged to remind their students of these guidelines as we are all in this together."

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I am excited by this news, that we are moving towards having kids back in the classroom, hopefully, this approach will expand to other area school districts and we start to see kids go back to a somewhat more normal education model for the remainder of the school year.

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