Listen to Steele County Farm Service Agency (FSA) Executive Director Mark Ritter discuss their procedures for crop certification. If you are enrolled in the Farm Bill or have purchased crop insurance you must report or certify your planted acres of each crop with local FSA offices. It is a little more difficult again this year because the USDA is still limiting traffic at FSA offices.

The deadline to report your planted acres is July 15, 2021. In the past you would get an appointment and fill out the maps in the FSA office. Then FSA staff would enter the data in their system, print a form and you would sign it. Again this year you need to contact the FSA office and have them send you maps in the U.S. mail or they can email them to you. In addition they have curbside pick up if that works for you. After you fill out the maps FSA staff enter the data and print a form for you to sign. It is important to double check the data for mistakes.

There is also a general Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) sign-up and other special CRP programs you can enroll in. Click on the link above and get all the details from Mark Ritter.

When You Are Having a Bad Day, Just Read These

Life isn't always perfect and we all are going to have bad days. On those days when you could use some cheering up, just look through these quotes that were found on some Hall's cough drops. They helped bring a smile to my face when I needed one and I'm sure there is one in the list that will do the same for you.


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