Rescue 55021 made the announcement that it was closing it's doors for good on July 31st after the organization's executive director made the decision to step down for family reasons. With no one stepping up to lead the organization the rescue made the decision to close.

In a pop-up message on the rescue's website, a notification let's visitors know that the organization will be permanently closing at the end of the month, along with the reasoning behind the closure.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The message to online visitors reads:

Our Last Day of Business Will Be July 31st, 2021

Due to increasing family commitments, Theresa Vold (Executive Director) will be stepping down from her position.

Sadly we have not been able to find anyone who would like to continue as the Executive Director of RESCUE 55021.

We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart of hearts for your support, donations,  wonderful comments, and adopting our beloved animals.

It was a hard and heart breaking decision to make but our Director, Theresa Vold needs to take care of her family.

We would like to encourage everyone to continue to support other animal rescues in their area. There are many animals out there who still need your help. So please continue to "Adopt not Shop".

Thank You,

RESCUE 55021

Rescue 55021 was established by a core group of volunteers in November 2016 according to the organization's website.

The organization stated on its Facebook page in a reply about a possible garage sale that all of the "kennels/supplies" were donated to other area rescues.

As an owner of adopted shelter pets, and an advocate for shelter animals this is some sad news to hear. Maybe down the road, there will be another rescue organization that will fill a need in the Faribault area, until then a big thank you to all the volunteers that gave time and talent to Rescue 55021, I for one appreciate you all for that sacrifice.

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