I saw this last night on TV and felt it was too good not to share. The Lakeville North football manager, Logan Swedberg, was struggling to find a part-time job, in part, he believes given his condition. KSTP-TV introduced the Twin Cities to Logan a few weeks ago in his quest for a job. Well, his job search, and public help from Lakeville North coaches and KSTP-TV paid off in a big way, as he was personally asked to work at Gander Outdoors by its CEO Marcus Lemonis. 


Logan shared with KSTP-TV that he's had more than 35 surgeries after being born with "severe scoliosis and other health complications." He drives a car, goes fishing, and like I mentioned earlier managed the 2018 Lakeville North Minnesota state champion football team.

After the airing of the initial story of Logan on KSTP-TV several area businesses reached out to him including the Minnesota Wild and Target. But as he says in the television interview when asked what he will like most about his job at Gander Outdoors, he'll like the discount. Spoken like a true avid fisherman.

Next time you are heading north on I-35 if you get the chance to stop in at the store in Lakeville offer up a fishing story to Logan, I'm sure he'd be happy to talk about something he's passionate about.

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