Gretchen Wilson's new Ready to Get Rowdy album includes a duet with Kid Rock called "Bad Feeling" that left her stunned, and she signed him up for it.

The "Rowdy" singer tells Taste of Country that she didn't know what to expect when the rap-rock-country artist sent his vocals back, but she wasn't expecting the dynamic, soulful vocals he returned. "I thought he was gonna sing an octave lower than that," she explained prior to her set at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo. "I listened to it and I was just amazed. He really wailed on it. He really sang really well."

The album and her summer tour marks a return to the music life for Wilson. She took three years off to recalibrate and be a mom to 16-year-old Gracie. "There comes a time when they hit a certain age that you gotta be there full time," she says, adding, "She basically told me to go. She was like 'Mom, get a life.'"

The "Redneck Woman" singer wrote the whole album — something she had never done previously. Look for a mix of traditional country, Southern rock and everything that makes her unique. There are a few party songs too, so we had to ask: who is rowdier, Kid Rock or Gretchen Wilson?

"It kinda depends on the night," Wilson says, smiling. "Sometimes he's babysitting me and sometimes I'm babysitting him, it just depends."

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