This morning I will be heading to Elysian to host today's AM Minnesota program. For many years I have gone to Elysian just before their huge 4th of July celebration. Instead of being at City Hall this year we will be in their new library so I am looking forward to seeing that. The Elysian 4th of July Celebration actually began last evening with the Miss Elysian Pageant and Princess of the Lakes coronation.

Jeanne Zwart and Pat Nussbaum will be my guests along with the new Miss Elysian and Princess of the Lakes. I am sure it will be a fun AM Minnesota Program today as it always is from Elysian. By the way on the 4th of July I will have my John Deere 820 in the North Morristown parade in the morning. Then I will head west on Highway 60 to Elysian for their huge parade at 2:00 Tuesday afternoon.

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