Minnesota reportedly has the second-highest number of dog flu cases in the country. Experts are watching two strains of canine influenza, one of which has been around for a long time and the other hit a peak in Chicago in 2015.

According to a Fox 9 news report, flu cases are tracked by the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.Their records show that there have been 23 cases in the past month and a half. Florida is the only other state with more cases. Most of the cases in Minnesota seem to be around the Wright County area.

It's an airborne virus that spreads quickly and, just like human flu, it's hardest on the young or old. First signs to watch out for are coughing and sneezing. Check with your vet about getting your dog vaccinated.

According to the report, in extreme cases some dogs have died. Cats can contract the virus but there is not a vaccine for cats at this time.

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