Watch What Your Pets Eat
Recently a couple on Oklahoma noticed that pacifiers for their baby had been coming up missing around their house. And the baby's grandmother noticed the dog Dovey, grab a pacifier from the counter.
Dog Flu Outbreak In Minnesota
Minnesota reportedly has the second-highest number of dog flu cases in the country. Experts are watching two strains of canine influenza, one of which has been around for a long time and the other hit a peak in Chicago in 2015.
According to a Fox 9 news report, flu cases are tracked by the Cornell Co…
BBB Tips for Buying a Dog
Pets can be such a joyful part of life, and whether you prefer a cat, dog, bird, or hamster, you love your pets and want the best for them. But if you don't have a pet already, the BBB has a few tips you should take into consideration before purchasing a dog.
Pet of the Week: Midnight
Welcome to a new feature! Each week, I'll share a little bit about a pet that is currently available for adoption and waiting to find a good home. If you're thinking of adding a pet to your home, pet adoption can be a very rewarding way of doing so.
What Are Your Pets Doing?
We hear it quite often that our furry friends are members of the family. And they are. They are camera friendly, too. So, what are your pets doing?
Eating? Sleeping? How do they get into some of those sleeping positions, all twisted and turned this way and that way...

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