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The Department of Natural Resources just made owning or possessing these animals against the law in Minnesota.

I don't know about you, but I'm an animal lover. I've always grown up with animals and my wife and I currently share our home here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes with two dogs and two cats, all of which we adopted from local animal shelters or rescues.

You might have a dog or a cat as a pet, as well. The polling website, Wisevoter, says that 54 percent of all Minnesotans are currently pet owners, 35 percent of which are dog owners.  However, there are many animals that residents of Minnesota are prohibited from keeping as pets. According to Minnesota statute 97A.501:

A person may not take, buy, sell, transport, or possess a protected wild animal unless allowed by the game and fish laws. The ownership of all wild animals is in the state, unless the wild animal has been lawfully acquired under the game and fish laws. The ownership of a wild animal that is lawfully acquired reverts to the state if a law relating to sale, transportation, or possession of the wild animal is violated.

However, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has just added 11 new animals to the list of wild animals you cannot own here in the Bold North. And, there's a good reason, too-- because they're invasive species.

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According to a release from the DNR, these 11 new animals are part of 13 total invasive species have been banned here in Minnesota for several good reasons:

...to prevent their introduction and spread in Minnesota and to protect the state’s environment, economy, natural resources and outdoor recreation. It is unlawful to possess, import, purchase, transport or introduce prohibited invasive species, except under a DNR-issued permit for disposal, decontamination, control, research or education.

So just which new animals are now illegal to possess here in the North Star State? Here's the DNR's latest list:

  • Jumping worms
  • Mitten crabs
  • Nile perch
  • Snakehead fish
  • Walking catfish
  • Tench
  • Golden mussel
  • Marbled crayfish
  • Golden clams
  • Tubenose gobies
  • Eastern mosquitofish

Now most, if not all, of those new species of fish (or mussels or worms) likely wouldn't be the type of animal you'd want to keep as a pet anyway, so I'm guessing most Minnesotans won't really be impacted by the DNR's new rules banning ownership of these species.

You can read more about WHY the DNR has decided to take action to keep these species out of Minnesota HERE. And keep scrolling to see even more animals you're prohibited from keeping as pets both here in the Gopher State and across the country.

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Gallery Credit: Elena Kadvany