Many of us have a pet or two of some kind, and more than a pet, they usually become our family members.

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Unfortunately, situations can change, and it might mean us having to give up or rehome our furry family members.  Some people say that is unacceptable, but I challenge that those people haven't been in a bad situation.

I for example had a best bud pet who when going through a divorce had exhausted all options on where to move to live and didn't have a friend or family member who could take him.  I had to rehome him, and it was horrible, but necessary and I know he went to a loving home so that helped a bit.

If you get into one of those spots, and I hope you never do, there are options out there to assist you judgement free.

Duluth, Minnesota's Animal Control Unit will kindly assist anyone looking for help taking care of their pet if no one else can.  Moments of crisis unfortunately happen and as hard as it may be to ask for help, do it for yourself and the wellbeing of your pet if it gets to that point.

In addition to Duluth's Animal Control, and upside to the internet is there are many animal rescues that can oftentimes offer assistance if your furry family member needs a safe place to call home.

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