(Y-105FM App Chat User) Anna88 sent me a chat on Friday...


"Hey James, my kid is always cracking his knuckles and I can't stand the noise...I just hate it. I think he knows it bugs me, and he's 14 so maybe that's his goal, but I've told him it's bad for his hands. He says it's not bad for him, but it has to be, right?"

I have some good news and bad news for you Anna88. First, the good news. You are faced with a fantastic opportunity to teach your kid to stop annoying people for fun. It's mean and ends up causing zits (not true, but...it could?). How you do that, I do not know. I'm just trying to find a positive here for you.

Because the bad news is...yeah, cracking his knuckles isn't really going to cause him any trouble.  Mayo Clinic, take it away...

ps - Here's a neat trick of fate...while I love crackin' my knuckles, I hate the sound of cracking knuckles. Watching that video was almost torture for me. I had to look away from the screen during the knuckle crackin'.

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