The University of Minnesota Extension Service at the Rochester Regional Extension office will be sponsoring a Corn and Soybean Weed Management Tour on Wednesday July 3, 2019. Registration will be at 8:30 am with the tour at 9:00 am. The tour will be held at the University of Minnesota Extension Research site directly east of the main RCTC Main Campus on County Road 22.

Weed management has changed a lot in the last few years with weed resistance, new technologies not to mention the weather. The Weed Management Tour will show research that address these challenges. One of the toughest weeds farmers have to deal with is waterhemp, not only because it has developed resistance to some classes of herbicides but also because it germinates later in the spring and continues through most of July.

Those first years with Round-Up Ready technology it sure was simple and easy. With no new classes of herbicides in the "pipeline" that I am aware of, we need to find out how to control tough weeds with the herbicides and tools we have. By the way there is no charge for the Weed Management Tour and you do not have to pre-register.


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