Monday morning in Minnesota was interesting thanks to the snow.  Numerous accidents were reported and I saw a ton of cars spin out in Rochester while I was on my way to work.  One of my kids who goes to Rochester Community Technical College said he saw three cars in the ditch too.  But one accident with a semi was actually caught on camera and is a bit intense to watch.


CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Semi Jackknifed in Rochester, Minnesota Due to Winter Weather

One thing that I repeated over and over again today was "slow down".  When the snow falls in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin, you've got to just slow down and take it easy.  In a matter of seconds, you could drive over a bridge that has iced over or hit a patch of ice on the road and lose control instantly.  There is nothing you can really do in that moment.

Unfortunately, that happened for a semi-driver that was driving on Hwy 52 and it was all caught on camera.

ROCHESTER: Traffic camera video shows a semi losing control, hitting the median wall, and crashing into the ditch on Highway 52 near 16th St SW. One patient is reporting minor injuries. - MN CRIME - Police/Fire/EMS Facebook page

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Another combination of videos was also shared on Instagram by fox9 of accidents and near accidents in Minnesota due to winter weather road conditions.  Honestly, it is amazing how close some of these vehicles were to some huge, major accidents involving semis.

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