I have no idea what the snow totals have been in Minnesota so far this year but I feel like we've had enough.  My family in Iowa said they got 8 inches in one day.  My daughter in Wisconsin literally brushed inches of snow off of her car one day because it snowed so much.  Every state in the midwest, including Illinois, the Dakota's, and Nebraska have been dumped on this year and before the next round of snow comes, there is one huge reminder that every driver needs to know...because it seems like quite a few people didn't get the memo.

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ATTENTION Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Drivers!

When it snows, I am just as lazy as the next person and don't want to take the time to get every last snowflake off of my car before I drive.  Well, one driver learned that decided laziness was going to win caused some major destruction...all because they didn't get the snow off of the vehicle.  And thanks to people having cameras with them 100% of the time now, it was all caught on video.

I'm sure you will have another chance before Spring arrives to scrape your car and brush the snow off.  Plan ahead, make sure you have your gloves and your scraper in your car, and help keep everyone a little bit safer on the roads this winter.

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