Here is a statistic that makes you think, according to a 2009 CNN news piece, "Americans, on average, use 57 squares a day and 50 pounds a year." Charmin to the rescue! The toilet paper giant has 'rolled' out a giant to help you not have to change the roll but once a month. Charmin has unveiled the "Forever Roll XL" Three pounds of toilet paper!

Charmin's Forever Roll and Forever Roll XL are 12" and 13.2" inches wide and are either 2 or 3 pounds of toilet paper. It's so massive that it needs it's own freestanding holder to roll on!  The website that ONLY sells these monsters gives you two options for a starter pack;

Forever Roll XL 13.2 in. Starter Kit contains 2 rolls and a free holder stand.

Forever Roll XL 12 in. Starter Kit contains 3 rolls and a free holder stand.

Both will set you back less than $30 as they are selling both options for $29.97.

Plus they are standing by how mega this roll really is with a money-back guarantee if you have to replace the roll before a month is up! (approximately two users for one month) A money-back guarantee plus it's available in Charmin Ultra Soft.

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