The 2019 growing season ended last Saturday when temperatures dropped to 30 degrees and we saw a killing frost. Agronomists say the growing season has ended even if the corn or soybeans were not mature. However, to me the growing season is not over until I am done with harvest. I think that is what most farmers feel too!

The 2019 growing season was one for the record books that we will remember for a long time. We struggled to get the crop planted. A lot of corn and soybeans were planted much later than normal and some acres did not get planted at all. It was also very wet the entire growing season with frequent and heavy rain.

It was also a very cool or even cold growing season until the middle of September. The las couple weeks of September were much warmer than normal and that really was beneficial. We actually accumulated 2528 growing degree units which was slightly higher than the average of 2490.

We were fortunate that the heavy snow that hit the Dakotas missed us. All we need is a little warmer sunshine and we will be harvesting beans. The best part is that is in the forecast starting tomorrow!