As folks continue to seek their 30 seconds of internet fame, videos of food tampering are continuing to surface. The "trend", and I hate calling it a trend as it is, in fact, a serious crime, started with a 6-second video of a young woman licking a carton of Blue Bell ice cream and then returning it to the grocery store freezer. That young woman, according to Rare.US is now facing serious consequences. She has been charged with the second-degree felony of tampering with a consumer product and could face 2-20 years in jail.

Unfortunately, because of the fame she received, many copycats began to emerge. Ice cream licking continued, but additional felons thought of new ideas such as spitting in a gallon jug of Arizona Sweet Iced Tea, or rinsing their mouth with Listerine and then spitting it back into the bottle and returning it to the shelf for an unsuspecting consumer to purchase and then consume or use. One disgusting Florida woman picked her nose then stuck her fingers in ice cream. The business owners of that ice cream shop told that' "stuff like this can ruin our business and can ruin our life." They also  said, "It just breaks my heart."

It seems we've reached quite a sad place in our society where a few seconds of fame is worth risking someone's health, career, or even life. I hope these individuals are harshly punished and this horrific trend stops immediately, but in the meantime, make sure you are double-checking seals on the food you are purchasing and think twice about purchasing items that don't have factory seals.

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