What teachers had the biggest impact on your life? That question was posed to our KRFO Facebook audience following the news that Owatonna Middle School social studies instructor Scott Noet is the Minnesota History Teacher of the Year.

Jenny Gathje wrote, "Mr. Nels F. Thompson! He found fun ways to learn things. he would come back to school for 'night courts' and give students extra time to learn difficult things." Pauline Rowland echoed the compliments, "Thompson gets a teacher of a lifetime award-there is no other like him." Thompson replied on Facebook, "You are way [too] kind! Thank you."

Joe Shea stated, "Jeff Williams and Michael Metzler. Both found a way to get me more motivated to learn and think." Metzler responded on Facebook, "I'm just honored to be in the same breath as these wonderfully dedicated folks....And you guys made it easy."

Zach Miller wrote, "Jeff Miller, helped me turn my passion into a career & Carol Carothers who made my worst subject manageable and fun!"

Ben Flemke thanked those whose names he could remember, "Too many to name but a few that come to mind right away are Christopher Smith, Jerry Eggermont, Mr. Wanous, Mr. Marschel...it's been so long I'm having a hard time with names. I still see the faces and a few "looks" though!"

Melissa Clark painted a broad picture, "They probably all did in a way but profoundly impacted me...Mr. DeKam, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Bangs and Mrs. Carothers."

Amy Friedrichs Turnbull proclaimed, "...We were so blessed with talented teachers in Owatonna!"

Many other teachers are mentioned in the post. Go to the above link to read them all. Some of the teachers are retired while others are still leaving their impact with Owatonna's current students, like Noet. Jessica Hawkins wrote, "So awesome!!! Way to go Mr. Noet!!! I know LaVant loved you and can't wait for our boys to get you!!!"



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